How to help

Unfortunately, in the world of politics, money talks. If a candidate can't raise enough money, he or she isn't going anywhere.

So donate today! Even if it's $10, it helps. Ron Paul is running a very frugal campaign because unlike the other candidates, he has tens of thousands of volunteers across the nation. Plus his persona gets him a lot of free media publicity.

Go to RonPaul2008.com and donate today. He raised $5 million last quarter, while all other candidate's fundraising were going downhill. Help him reach $12 million this quarter and you can see how well this man can spread the word.

This fourth quarter's fundraising started October 1st and look how much has been raised already! Help Dr. Paul reach his goal! And send your friends and family to this web site to learn more! You can even join your local Ron Paul MeetUp.com group!